About Beartramka

Beartramka was formed by composer David Gough and harpist Danielle Perrett in 1999 in response to a need for some music for the harp which fulfilled the particular criteria of the Trinity College London harp exam syllabuses which Danielle was compiling.

In particular, the Lever/non-pedal harp syllabus was being greatly expanded and there was little suitable music available to put into the syllabus, so we wrote some, commissioned some, and entered the music publishing business.

We continue to add to the repertoire of exam pieces, not only for Trinity College London. The ABRSM harp syllabus also uses some of our music but, more importantly, we are adding to the general repertoire of music for both Pedal and Lever Harps.

We have also expanded our range and added recordings to our activities, of which there are three currently available.

The harp world is quite small but widely spread, so we often send goods around the world, either to customers directly, or to a number of respected distributors.