F.J. Naderman ~ Sept Sonates Progressives

Played by Danielle Perrett

Naderman Sonatas CD cover

This under-rated set of sonatas reflect the turbulent times of the early 19th Century when they were composed, and were probably played by Josephine Bonaparte when Naderman was her teacher.

On this recording they are played with due vigour on a wonderful modern reproduction (by Beat Wolf) of the type of harp made by Naderman’s family.

To hear excerpts, click the Play buttons on the tracks below.

Sonata 1
Sonata 2
Sonata 3
Andante Con Spirito
Anglaise Rondoletto
Sonata 4
Ecossaise Rondoletto
Sonata 5
Tempo di Minuetto
Sonata 6
Sonata 7

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