Lever Harp 2000

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Lever Harp 2000 was one of our first books, and contains new advanced pieces for lever harp composed by various composers.

It was produced to provide advanced (grade 7 and above) – level material, of which there was very little available and we believe it provides a valuable contribution to repertoire at an advanced level for the lever harp.
Both the Trinity Guildhall and ABRSM, and other harp syllabuses have included pieces from this book.

See below for more details, including sample pages of each piece. 

If you want to purchase only one or two pieces instead of the whole book, you can buy downloadable PDF versions by selecting the individual pieces and clicking on the Add to Cart button.

11 pieces, 40 pages of music


Title Composer
Toccata David Snell
Idyll Nigel Springthorpe
Dance Fiona Clifton-Welker
Rag-Bag David Gough
House Music Danielle Perrett
The Heart’s Journey Nigel Springthorpe
The Green Man David Bessell
Vari-8 Paul Ayres
Millennium Hope Gabriel Currington
After Debussy Danielle Perrett
Rondo Nigel Springthorpe