Pre-Launch! for Harp is now available!!

For children beginning the harp

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Pre-Launch! for Harp is a new and imaginative collection of short pieces for harpists at the start of their harp playing journey, whether on lever or pedal harp.

The pieces range from those designed to help note naming and reading, to others which use a range of techniques, exploring familiar and less familiar sounds which can be captured on the instrument to evoke the imagery of the evocative titles.

Teachers may choose – and are indeed encouraged – to teach some of the pieces aurally, to expand the pupils’ musical facility and utilise all their learning faculties – visual, aural, kinaesthetic and intellectual memory.

The sympathetic and fun images by Sue Pollington are to help stimulate the students’ imaginations and Beartramka invites drawings from pupils for the pieces which are deliberately lacking images in the book for the possibility of featuring in a new gallery on the website.

Teachers may encourage creative students to use some of the attractive and exciting techniques and titles to create their own compositions and performances and one of the pieces has an accompaniment for the teacher to play with the pupil and encourage beginnings in ensemble playing.

Various of the pieces in Pre-Launch! for Harp feature in the Initial graded exam syllabus for harp exams of Trinity College, London.

There is much scope to add personal dynamics and fingerings which are suggested are with the aim of creating a beautiful rounded sound.
In some places there were so many possible fingerings that suggesting any one fingering would have been too prescriptive.
We recognise the fact that one size does not fit all with regard to the fact that adaptations need to be made for smaller hands and fingers.

This book will be ideal as a prequel to Beartramka’s Lift-Off! for Harp.

We hope you enjoy it.