Harp Exam Music – Trinity College London


Elementary Level – Lever & Pedal Harps
(from Pre-Launch for Harp)

Title Grade
Fishes Swimming in the Stream Initial
Running Downstairs Initial
Saturday Night at the Village Hall Initial
Tired Cowboy Initial

Elementary Level – Lever & Pedal Harps
(from Lift-Off! for Harp)

Title Grade
Chop Chop Initial
Donkey Ride Initial
Games in the Playground Initial
Cosy in Bed Initial
Kangaroos One
Deep Sea Diving Two
Into Space Two
Cuckoo Clock Three
Lazy Cowboy Three
Mozart’s Tango Three

Elementary Level – Lever & Pedal Harps
(from Pedal Harp World)

Title Grade

Intermediate Level – Pedal Harp
(from Pedal Harp World)

Title Grade
Persian Dance (J. Hamzelou) Four
Homage à Krumpholz (E. Hui) Four
A Nostalgic Piece for May (J. Simpson) Four
Harp Ascending (N. Bleicher) Six
The Forest of White Leaves (M. Omer) Six
An October Waltz (J. Simpson) Six
Shadows in the Mist (M. Taylor) Six

Intermediate Level – Lever Harp
(from Lever Harp World)

Title Grade
Skegness Rock (E. Turner) Four
Carol (N. Springthorpe) Five
Three Haiku (D. Sutton-Anderson) Six
Cross-currents (C. Wright) Six

Advanced Level – Pedal Harp
(from Pedal Harp 
World, except *)

Title Grade
Christkind (Cornelius/Springthrope) Seven
Mary’s Lullaby (N. Springthrope) Seven
*Ondine (D. Gough)
[separate title]
*Ballade (D. Gough)
[separate title]
Advanced Certificate

 Advanced Level – Lever Harp
(from Lever Harp 2000, except *)

Title Grade
*Water  [The Elements] (M. Doumany) Seven
*Spirit  [The Elements] (M. Doumany) Seven
*Air  [The Elements] (M. Doumany) Seven
*Earth [The Elements] (M. Doumany) Seven
Idyll (N. Springthorpe) Seven
*Sunrise from E. Coast Sketches.
C. Wright) [Lever Harp World]
Vari8 (P. Ayres) Eight
The Green Man (D. Bessell) Eight
Dance (F. Clifton-Welker) Eight
Toccata (D. Snell) Eight
House Music (D. Perrett) Eight
The Heart’s Journey (N. Springthorpe) Eight
Rondo  (N. Springthorpe) Eight
*3 Pieces for Lever Harp, No.1
(N. Moor) [separate title]